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Non Filter Tips

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Virtually eliminate sample retention with our hi-tech S3 polymer pipette tips. 
Reload up to 10 trays in 90 seconds with our environmentally friendly packaging. 
Get reliable results with pipette tips that are certified free of RNase, DNase, DNA and endotoxins.
Confirm your draw visually through our graduated sides.

2040 Series – 10ul Micro Tip 2340 Series – 10ul Extended Length Tip 2140 Series – 10ul Eppendorf Style Tip


2100 Series – 200ul Universal Tip 2100 Series – 200ul Yellow Universal Tip 2016 Series – 200ul Extended Length Gel Tip
2150 Series – 200ul Extended Length Tip 2090 Series – 300ul Universal Tip 2110 Series – 1000ul Blue Traditional Shaped Tip


2160 Series – 1000ul Universal Tip 2370 Series – 1000ul-1250ul Extended Length Tip


Filter Tips

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Take your choice from our extensive range, including our proprietary ESP™ pipette tip reload system.
All are certified free of:

  • DNA
  • DNase & RNase
  • ​Endotoxins (Pyrogens)
BT10 Series – 10ul Filter Tip BT10XL Series – 10ul Extended Length Filter Tip BT10E Series – 10ul Eppendorf Style Filter Tip


BT10F Series – 10ul Finn Style Filter Tip BT20 Series – 20ul Filter Tip BT100 Series – 100ul Filter Tip


BT200 Series – 200ul Filter Tip BT300 Series – 300ul Filter Tip BT1000 Series – 1000ul Filter Tip


BT1250 Series – 1000-1250ul Filter Tip


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Take your pick of tubes and vials for a range of lab procedures—from centrifugation to PCR, to storage. Manufactured from robust virgin polypropylene to withstand the rigors of any lab, each product is CE certified, IVD labeled, and certified free of DNA, DNase, RNase, and endotoxins (pyrogens). They are manufactured under stringent controls in an ISO 9001 certified facility. Every lot is tested for precision ensuring maximum quality and compatibility. All raw materials are traceable.Tubes

Our range incorporates thoughtful design features for enhanced efficiency and versatility:

  • PCR tubes: Supports efficient PCR with thin walls that allow swift heat transfer
  • Microcentrifuge tubes: Able to tolerate 20,000 RCF and securely store samples
  • Cryotubes and cryovials: Convenient vessels for compact, long-term storage and easy single-handed operation
  • Minitube system: Pre-racked 1.1 ml single or 8-strip minitubes compatible with 96-well robotics

PCR Tubes

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3423 Series - 0.2 mL PCR Tubes with Flat Cap 3425 Series - 0.2 mL PCR Tubes with Domed Cap 3428.8 / 3728.8 Series - 0.2 mL PCR 8-Strip Tubes with Attached Domed Cap 3426.8 Series - 0.2 mL PCR 8-Strip Tubes with Separate Strip Caps

Microcentrifuge Tubes

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3735 Series - 0.6 ml Graduated Microcentrifuge Tubes 4445 Series - 1.6 ml Graduated Microcentrifuge Tubes – Easy Seal Series 3745 Series - 1.6 ml Graduated Microcentrifuge Tubes – Tight Seal Series 3765 Series - 2.0 ml Graduated Microcentrifuge Tubes



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3470 - 0.5 ml Cryotube 3471 - 1.5 ml Cryotube 3472 - 1.8 ml Cryotube Cap Inserts Assorted Colors for Cryotube



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3102 - 2.0 ml Cryovial 3103 - 3.0 ml Cryovial 3104 - 4.0 ml Cryovial Cap Inserts Assorted Colors for Cryovial


Minitube System

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2600 Series - Minitube System


Move swiftly and effortlessly from storage to PCR with our versatile range of plates and seals:

  • Support more efficient PCR with thin-walled plates for faster heat transfer
  • Choose 96-well low profile, non-, semi- or full-skirted formats
  • ​Use our range of seals and go straight from -40°C storage to PCR or qPCR

PCR Plates

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3730 - Full Profile Plate 3438 - Low Profile Plate


3742 - Semi Skirted Plate 3732 - Fully Skirted Plate


3731 - 8-Strip Caps for PCR Plates